Dry seating is better than wet

Imagine a heavy rain, your soaked body, from which you go stud all over your body. But to do this, imagine that you are sitting in a formwork house, and the little air that is there, you have to divide in many people. Wouldn't it be better if you could sit outside, enjoy the fresh air, but would you be sitting in a dry place? With the scroller tents you would have such a possibility. You would put them in some nice place in your garden, and you could enjoy the free family moments even in the rain.
With a clean head, it lives best
Fresh air is the best doctor for all affliction. It's not over when you have your own garden, and if you're the worst, you can sit there. If your own garden you do not have, you can visit the gazebo at your acquaintances, in which you can spend a pleasant afternoon, and come to other ideas.