Get your solid furniture

Each furniture made of solid wood must be surface-treated. The overall appearance of furniture is decided among others by the so-called. Pickling. With us you can order different types of pickling and therefore influence the resulting appearance of your furniture.

Quality furniture made of solid wood-cabinets, beds, desks, tables, chairs, armchairs or also wall paneling-all this is offered by our company.
Furniture made of solid wood-pickling
Our furniture made of solid wood and its appearance are not only modified by sea. Thanks to the pickling we can create a wide range of tones and shades, so you can choose not only the appearance or color of your furniture. With a closer offer of shades, finishes or all the products offered, you can get acquainted on our website. Do not hesitate to use our attractive action prices or the possibility of free shipping when ordering over 50.000 CZK.