Have fun over the spells

Do you not believe because they promise great deeds and ultimately do not fill them? Don't believe! Get to know the magician who will fulfill everything he has to offer you. Although he will not leave the whole building with all the people, he can demonstrate thoughtful and refined tricks, over which the head will stand and everyone will be in awe.
In vain do you worry about how to enrich your garden festivities or program for small preschools? In any case, it is right into your program. It can provide a great portion of fun and tension, and above all it can create an irreplaceable magical atmosphere.
Entertainment for Everyone
Performances and is undemanding for the viewer, which provokes feelings of tension and wonder. Thanks to this, the magician is suitable for the program of every social event. Call out feelings of awe and surprise in your guest, and invite the right one!

We will help you choose the most suitable object

We offer to all who love to travel to our beautiful homeland and attend the corners, which is directly encouraged, accommodation. Cottage and Cottage is a good choice for all who like privacy and day mode and night mode at its discretion.

Cottage and Cottage is perfect for a holiday with family, weekend, celebration with friends, or romantic stay for two. It will also be appreciated by those who take their pets on their travels. We can help you choose a chat directly tailored to you.

We will do our utmost

The cottage and cottage is here for you in summer and winter. We will help you to choose the most suitable object so that you feel the best. You'll tell us the requirements and we'll pick the best accommodation option. We visited the chalets personally, so we know what we offer.

Plastic crates

Need to clean up children in toys? Isn't there a place for other things? Try to organise and organize everything in the room more easily. Create new storage locations. Do you know how? Use colorful stackable plastic storage crates.
The colorful boxes will fit nicely in the room and shine it with cheerful colors. On them, your child can learn colors, and they also create a system in which to store the crates. Plastic crates are not difficult at all and handling each child is easy to handle.
Space saving
You can also buy or order them in different sizes and dimensions, choose the delivery either by mail or courier to the house. Plastic crates are a good choice, save space and teach children to keep order in their kingdom.

We clean, rinse

Thanks to modern tanks we do not need access to hydrant, which is usually far from the house and must be looking for keys and fire hoses. Our tanks work on the method of water filtration, when they separate sludge and water, which we use back again to clean and flush drains. This saves the customer budget, the necessary water and also the time.
If you have a problem with the sewer, please contact our offices and our specialist technicians will provide you with an individual cleaning offer according to your needs. Our company offers you complete services for all kinds of drains. From construction, revisions, leak tests to cleaning or reconstruction.
We clean, rinse..
We offer cleaning of both public networks as well as plumbing, sewage and rainwater drainage, sewer sewage networks and heavily clogged sludge, sand or building materials, etc. We do all the work in a short time and at low prices, which are favorable for your family or corporate budget.

Any painting on any fabric

Are you looking for a reliable company that can really print T-shirts or hoodies or other textiles? You don't have to look further, we're here for you. Our company will create any image on any fabric and exactly according to your wishes. You just send us your suggestion and we will realize it and we'll deliver the final product to you. We use the highest quality methods and materials. You are guaranteed to be very satisfied.
For a school, business or individual
Whether you need a T-shirt for your school to take an event or a corporate outfit for your staff, each textile will be printed to you as you wish. Only we use such quality methods that the image on the fabric lasts for years of use and washing and retains its colour fastness. In addition, we offer you high quality materials in a variety of shells, a wide range of colors and a large number of sizes.

Worried about the new environment

Your best friend invited you to celebrate your 30th anniversary. Birthday. A friend is a profession journalist. But your media environment is far away. You are considering whether to accept the invitation. Most of the invitees will be her colleagues. You're considering having a friend talk on another day, and you'll only celebrate her birthday together in a good restaurant. This celebration belongs to her and colleagues from work, and you are afraid that you will not feel good at this celebration. This is not the only concern, you do not have suitable clothes for these social events.
Throw all the fears behind your head
With us you will be a linen party. We are an online clothing store for women. In the menu you have women's dresses of simple cuts.

They can be divided by both horizontal and vertical

Our focus is our built-in wardrobes Prague. For many years, we have been making them to all those interested, who can not buy classic furniture from the store. Who has an apartment with atypical shapes, it is hard to buy. There is a necessity to make it custom-made. We are engaged in this kind of activity. So do not hesitate and hurry to us. We're here for you.
We can create a tailor-made dressing room
Do you have more space and do not have to wear them? In this case, you can let us make a tailor-made dressing room. All your clothes will fit in. It's up to you how you decide. However, we are ready to make the Prague built-in cabinets. At your request, we will come and perform the focus and visualization. We don't charge our clients. We look forward to working with you.

Music for all

Do you like music and want to enjoy it as much as possible? Then unambiguously take on the Impuls radio, which will offer you not only Czech but also foreign hits. Not only news, but also older hits. And not only interviews with famous, but also competitions for big prizes. So don't hesitate and tune us up.
Do you sometimes feel more on Czech hits, while other times you prefer foreign ones? Then check out the Impuls radio, which will offer you exactly what you need in the individual music blocks. In addition, you will be cared for by the moderators who do not let any boreing in the broadcast. So don't hesitate and listen to us.
Enjoy the music
Enjoy the music directly according to your wishes and call us to the broadcast. We're happy to let you do exactly the music you want. Just transfer to Impuls radio.

Accommodation Mountains

Would you like to visit Jeseníky, Šumavu, krkonose or Lužiky mountains? Then feel free to check out our site, where in the category "Accommodation mountains" you can find a variety of accommodation options in all mountain areas!
The accommodation of the mountain is an opportunity you will surely love not only you, but also your family or friends. Where other times spend common time than in the beautiful nature with fresh mountain air without mad noise from city streets?
Cheap but quality
Our "Accommodation" section offers you only high quality and tested accommodation, which you will surely love, since all this is offered at a very low price, which will surely surprise you pleasantly. If you look at our events, you will find really very cheap accommodation options, even though it is in any case a nice and good quality offer. Do not hesitate to order your next holiday just with us!

No one knows that your

Would you like to make a change that is natural and inconunable? Do not want a straight plastic, but something that is done normally and looks great? Then you will surely not refuse to prolong hair. A natural change that is perfectly perfect and blends with the natural material you wear on your head. Curly, or straight, absolutely perfect and invigorating your natural beauty. What about the fact that they were short yesterday? A change that will bring you well-deserved fruit.
Your wish will be a command
For hair extensions, you do not need to worry that they would operate unnaturally. The choice is reflected in the color and quality of your natural. This gives you the natural mane that other ladies will envy. The purpose is not only a change of short haircuts, but also thickening.