They can be divided by both horizontal and vertical

Our focus is our built-in wardrobes Prague. For many years, we have been making them to all those interested, who can not buy classic furniture from the store. Who has an apartment with atypical shapes, it is hard to buy. There is a necessity to make it custom-made. We are engaged in this kind of activity. So do not hesitate and hurry to us. We're here for you.
We can create a tailor-made dressing room
Do you have more space and do not have to wear them? In this case, you can let us make a tailor-made dressing room. All your clothes will fit in. It's up to you how you decide. However, we are ready to make the Prague built-in cabinets. At your request, we will come and perform the focus and visualization. We don't charge our clients. We look forward to working with you.